Practical Info

The Colloquium will take place at the Faculty of Law of Charles University. About 20-minute walk by the river from the Hilton Prague hotel, and 12-minute walk from the Hilton Old Town hotel, in the heart of Prague. The full address is: nám. Curieových 7, 116 40, Prague. Our rooms are 225 and 231 on the second floor.

Presentation format: Each student will have 5-10 minutes to present their paper followed by a 10-minute comment by the respondent, with about 5 minutes for questions from other participants. Since we have a tight schedule, we kindly ask you to keep the timing in mind.
We will have a projector should you want to use a powerpoint or something like that (but it is entirely up to you). In that case, we strongly suggest to bring your presentation in a USB memory stick. If you want to use your computer, remember to bring the necessary adaptor.
To play it safe, we do NOT recommend to use a presentation hosted online. Prezi and similar services offer exportable options to save offline.

Refreshments and lunch will be free of charge to all participants.