Practical Info

The Colloquium will take place in Washington D.C. on May 24th, 2019 at Georgetown University.


The Car Barn on 3520 Prospect St. NW, Washington, DC 20057. This is also the address of the Graduate School of Georgetown University. We have got rooms 302 and 302a.

Here is the Google maps view.


When you enter The Car Barn from Prospect St. (the M Street entrance is not open to the public) you will have to take the stairs or elevator down one floor to get to the 3rd floor. There is a big “3” at the door – one can’t miss it. Once you open the door to the hallway – take an immediate right. Then walk about 10-15 meters and the rooms 302 and 302a will be on your right. They are tucked away exactly in the right hand corner exactly at the point where the hallway makes a 90 degree left turn.

If you are coming from M Street – you have to take the Exorcist Steps up to Prospect, which are located left of the Car Barn. They are called this way because they were an essential element in the horror film The Exorcist (1973 ) that was filmed on campus and right next to the Car Barn.