2nd PhD Colloquium – ICA 2016, Fukuoka, Japan

Sea Hawk Hilton, Fukuoka, Japan – 9 June, 2016


Joy Jenkins (University of Missouri School of Journalism)
Urban matters: The convergence and contrasts of journalistic identity, organizational identity, and community identity at a city magazine

Kim Baker (The University of Alabama)
Navigating a landscape of changing media: Constructing a roadmap to discover contributors to knowledge gaps

Niv Mor (University of Haifa, Israel)
Towards Crowdfunded Journalism

Jose Antonio Brambila (University of Leeds)
The subnational approach in media studies: Anti-press violence and journalist’s collective response at Mexico’s states

Dani Madrid Morales (City University of Hong Kong)
Is positive news, news? News values in a multinational Chinese newsroom

Lindsey Blumell (Texas Tech University)
Agenda setting of human rights in humanitarian and traditional news

Alison Leung Suk Fun (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Financial journalism professionalism – A struggling field of Hong Kong

Marco Rustemeyer (University of Muenster)
Trusting relationships between journalists and politicians

Ursula Ohliger (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich)
The political coverage in German tabloids in the course of time

Jonas Appelberg (Södertörn University)
Local journalism with the help from Facebook: participatory journalism in a local Swedish context

Binakuromo Ogbebor (Cardiff School of Journalism)
Media representation of the News of the World phone hacking scandal and the Leveson inquiry

Aviv Barnoy (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
What do journalists know?

Kim Andersen (University of Southern Denmark)
The engaging effect of exemplars

Oulai Bertrand Goué (Université de Montréal)
The fabric of a discursive object: The ethics of journalistic practices in times of war

David Cheruiyot (Karlstad University, Sweden)
Media accountability and online citizen criticism: A comparative study of Kenya and South Africa

Tim Wood (New York University)
Covering oil: The division of corporate communicative labor in news framing of the keystone pipeline

Tara-Lynn Pixley (University of California – San Diego)
Eye and I are one: (dis)Embodied vision in photojournalism’s eyewitness ideal

Guus Bartholomé (University of Amsterdam)
Towards a typology of conflict frames

Swati Maheshwari (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Production of censorship: A case study in the Indian context


Michael Schudson – Columbia University

Jane Singer – City University of London

Helle Sjøvaag – University of Bergen

Tim Vos – Missouri School of Journalism

Matt Carlson – St. Louis University

Barbie Zelizer – University of Pennsylvania

Mike Ananny – USC Annenberg

Chris Peters – Aalborg University Copenhagen

Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Stephanie Craft – University of Illinois

Zvi Reich – Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Stuart Allan – Cardiff University

Matthew Powers – University of Washington


University of British Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

Yale Information Society Project

Hong Kong Baptist University School of Communication

Karlstad University Department of Geography, Media and Communication

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford

Nanyang Technological University

University of Minnesota School of Journalism & Mass Communication

University of Virginia Department of Media Studies

University of Missouri School of Journalism

USC Annenberg

Boston University College of Communication

Culture Digitally


Valerie Belair-Gagnon, Raul Ferrer-Conill, Henrik Örnebring, and Matt Carlson