The 2021 PhD Colloquium will be held online via Zoom. This is the overall program.

Main Session
15.00-15.15: Welcome Message: Seth Lewis: University of Oregon, Chair, Journalism Studies Division

15.15-17.35: Parallel Sessions
Session One: Chair: Joy Jenkins, University of Tennessee
Session Two: Chair: Edson Tandoc Jr.: Nanyang Technological University
Session Three: Chair: Margareta Salonen, University of Jyväskylä & Co-Chair: Ukaiko Ojiambo, Daystar University Nairobi
Session Four: Chair: Raul Ferrer-Conill, Karlstad University
Session Five: Chair: Joy Kibarabara, Stockholm University

18.00-19.00: Roundtable:“Life after Ph.D. Advice and nonsense from former candidates”
Chair: Raul Ferrer-Conill, Karlstad University.
Joy Jenkins: University of Tennessee
Binakuromo Ogbebor: The University of Sheffield
Maxwell Foxman: The University of Oregon
David Cheruiyot: University of Groningen

Here you can download the full program.