1st PhD Colloquium – ICA 2015, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hilton Condado Plaza, San Juan – 21 May 2015


Abit Hoxha (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich)
Comparative analysis of conflict news production

Toni G.L.A. van der Meer (University of Amsterdam)
Disrupting gatekeeping practices: Journalists’ source selection in times of crisis

Caitlin Petre (University of New York)
Becoming data: Web analytics, journalism, and the emotional dimensions of rationalization

Maxwell Foxman (Columbia University)
Getting into the game: Analyzing playful practices and products in digital journalism

Anne Kroon & Toni van der Meer (University of Amsterdam)
Who takes the lead? How organizational and news agendas interactions are moderated by newspaper and organizational characteristics

Raul Ferrer Conill (Karlstad University University)
The gamification of mobile news: Adapting traditional journalism to the challenges and opportunities of mobile devices

Karen McIntyre (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Solutions journalism: The effects of including solution information in news stories about social problems

Jelle Boumans (University of Amsterdam)
Outsourcing the news: Applying automated content analysis to assess media’s reliance on subsidized content

Corinna Lauerer (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich)
Missing bricks in the ‘Chinese Wall’? How journalists negotiate their autonomy with advertising forces

Wambui Wamunyu (Daystar University)
The adoption of the World Wide Web in Kenyan journalism: A historiographical analysis of mainstream media newsrooms

Anne Kirstine Hermann (University of Southern Denmark)
Beyond newsroom ethnography: Finding field sites for deviant journalisms

Kerry Traynor (Liverpool John Moores University)
Shaping local television journalism: An ethnographic case study of a local TV station in the North of England

Swati Maheshwari (Hong Kong Baptist University)
The production of censorship: A case study of Indian journalism

Silje Kristiansen (University of Zurich)
Media depiction of risk: A phase model explaining media attention to nuclear energy risk

Celine Klemm (University of Amsterdam)
Journalistic self-perceptions of their roles in public health crises

Nina Steindl (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich)
Journalists’ trust in political institutions and its influence on news media content

Shangyuan Wu (Simon Fraser University)
Beyond a Western “journalism crisis” paradigm: Uncovering perceptions of journalism ideals and crisis among news workers in Singapore and Hong Kong

Christine Larson (Stanford University)
Writing the romance: New production logics in creative labor

Fangzhou Ding (Zhejiang University)
Chinese Journalists in transition: Changing perceptions and practices

Florin Serban (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Re-introducing the journalistic field: Technological convergence and public participation as transformative forces for the news television practices in Hong Kong

Yuan Zeng City University of Hong Kong)
Report the unreportable: A study on the “foreign journalistic field” in contemporary China

Michael Mirer (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Stealing signs: The appropriation of news forms and journalistic ideologies by sports brand outlets


Zvi Reich – Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Daniela Dimitrova – Iowa State University

Thomas Hanitzsch – Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

Oscar Westlund – Gothenburg University

Matt Carlson – Saint Louis University

Michael Schudson – Columbia University

Barbie Zelizer – University of Pennsylvania

Christopher Ali – University of Virginia

James Shanahan – Boston University

Erik Albaek – University of Southern Denmark

Yariv Tsfati – University of Haifa

Joseph Man Chan – Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chris Anderson – College of Staten Island

Francis L.F. Lee – Chinese University of Hong Kong

Seth Lewis – University of Minnesota

Henrik Örnebring – Karlstad University


Boston University College of Communication
Hong Kong Baptist University School of Communication
Indiana University Media School
Karlstad University Department of Geography, Media and Communication
LMU Department of Communication Studies and Media Research
Stanford University Department of Communication
University of British Columbia Graduate School of Journalism
University of Missouri School of Journalism
University of Southern Denmark Centre for Journalism
Yale Law School Information Society Project


Thomas Hanitzsch, Henrik Örnebring, Matt Carlson, Valerie Belair-Gagnon